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Much as we love our dogs, there will always be times when we can’t be there for them. Perhaps you’re a working at the office all day, a new parent who needs a helping hand or a senior with an energetic young dog who needs extra exercise. Maybe you have had an accident or are recuperating from an operation?

Whatever your circumstances, we are here to provide seamless home from home care, ensuring your dog has plenty of fun and returns home happy and content.

We offer a professional and reliable dog walking service around Christchurch, Mudeford, Iford, Tuckton, Southbourne, Boscombe East and Boscombe Manor with fun and friendly local dog walkers to enable your best friend to enjoy the great outdoors, when you can’t be there. To book your FREE, no obligation meet & greet, simply click below, call or text us on 07870 698210.

With Furry Little Rascals your dog never has to miss out!


Flexible Dog Walking To Suit Your Needs.

We can walk your dog daily or weekly, on a regular or occasional basis. We offer three walks a day during the week and two walks on Saturday. Naturally, we appreciate that sometimes even the best laid plans can change at the last minute, so we will always try to remain as flexible as possible.

Just like their owners, dogs have their own personal likes and dislikes. During our introductory meet & greet we like to find out all about your dog, their favourite walks, whether they prefer walking on their own or with other dogs. We even offer a FREE 20-30 minute taster walk to get to know your commands. It’s important to learn a little about your schedule too, that way we can put together the perfect package to suit your requirements.

Does your dog have a favourite walk? We’d love to hear all about it..

Solo Or Small Group Walks

Solo Dog Walking in Southbourne for Puppies and Seniors

Solo Walks

We appreciate that not every dog feels comfortable walking in a group – even a small group. Some dogs feel anxious around other dogs and would find a group walk stressful. Furry Little Rascals offer solo walks tailored to your dog’s individual needs, allowing us to focus solely on your dog and give them all the fuss and attention they need. We offer 30 and 60 minute walks, depending on their energy levels and requirements.

dog walks for small groups christchurch

Small Group Walks

Group walks provide energetic, well-socialised dogs with plenty of fun, games and interaction with other dogs. Every week day we offer three different group walks to choose from. On Saturdays you can choose between a morning and midday walk. We collect your dog from your home, as per your instructions, and take them to one of the many beautiful locations in and around the Southbourne/Christchurch area.

Solo Walks for Puppies and Senior Dogs

Not only the perfect solution for anxious dogs, solo walks are also ideal for puppies who have been vaccinated and are ready for gentle exercise and shorter walks. We can help support their learning and development, providing continuity and reinforcement of commands learnt in puppy training classes.

A solo walk is often the preferred choice for owners of senior dogs, or those recuperating after an illness or injury. We can take them for a gentle stroll for a breath of fresh air, to exercise their legs and relieve themselves.


Group Walks In Beautiful Surroundings

With so many beautiful locations right on our doorstep, we are spoilt for choice. Some of the places we are visiting for dog walks are e.g. Southbourne Beach, Hengistbury Head, Tuckton Tea Gardens, Stanpit Marshes, Avon Beach, St. Catherine’s Hill and along the River Stour.

Please note that we do not offer pack walks and never walk groups of more than four dogs. We take great care to ensure the dogs are compatible with one another, in terms of size, breed, age and energy levels.

No matter which walk you choose, we will then return your dog to your home, happy and content. We take care to clean muddy paws, ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water available and carry out any instructions with regards to food, medication etc..

To book a FREE consultation to discuss either a solo or group walk, simply call us on 07870 698210 or get in touch via our online Contact Form.

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Puppy & Dog Home Visits

If your puppy has not yet been vaccinated or if your senior dog is unable to manage a walk due to health or mobility problems, we can visit them at home. This breaks up their day, relieves boredom and/or loneliness. Perhaps your dog has had surgery or is recuperating after an illness and is not yet able to go on a walk. No matter what your circumstances, we can help by providing companionship and care. Click below to find out more about our Puppy and Dog Home Visits.

Three Group Walks A Day To Choose From

One to one Dog Walks on Stunning Christchurch Beaches

Early Morning Exploring

The perfect solution for dogs requiring two walks a day e.g. if you work long hours, shift patterns or have a dog that needs a great deal of exercise.
We collect your dog between 8.30am – 10.30am for an invigorating morning walk. If necessary we will return in the afternoon for a second walk.

Relaxing Riverside Dog Walking Service near Southbourne. Solo or Group Walks available

Midday Meandering

Midday walks are the most popular choice for those who work regular 9-5 hours. It breaks up your dog’s day and ensures they are happy and relaxed for when you come home. We collect your dog between 11am – 2pm for an hour of fun, play and exercise.

Best Dog Walkers in Dorset offer Adventurous Walks in New Forest St. Catherines

Afternoon Woodland Walks

Ideal for dogs requiring two walks a day, owners who work long hours or shift patterns. We collect your dog between 2.30pm – 3.30pm and take them on an hour’s adventure, where they can burn off plenty of energy, before returning them home, happy and content.


We’re here for your best friend when you can’t be.

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