Dog Sitting Southbourne & Christchurch

Dog Sitting near Southbourne & Christchurch

Furry Little Rascals’ dog sitting service will be your dog’s best friend when you can’t be there.

No matter how much we love our dogs, there will always be times when we can’t be there for them. Looking after a new puppy or caring for a senior dog can sometimes get a little challenging, especially alongside other work and family commitments.

Furry Little Rascals’ Dog Sitting and Puppy Visiting Service in Southbourne near Christchurch can help take the stress out of being a dog owner, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your dog gets all the care and attention they need while you’re away from home. Whether you work shifts, long days or simply need a day away from it all, we provide a flexible pop-in service that fits around your daily or weekly schedule. We’re only ever a call away!

Our Dog Sitting Service is ideal for puppies who have not yet been vaccinated, senior dogs with mobility issues or dogs recuperating from an illness or injury.

We cover the areas Christchurch, Mudeford, Iford, Tuckton, Southbourne, Boscombe East and Boscombe Manor.

For more information, please get in touch! We’re only too happy to help.

All the fuss and attention your dog needs, in the comfort of their own home.


30 Minute Dog Sitting & Puppy Visits

Dog Sitting and Puppy Visits in Southbourne and Bournemouth

Puppy Love

We can work around your schedule and fit in with your routine, popping in to feed your puppy, give them fresh water, let them out in the garden to relieve themselves, clear up any “accidents” and spend time playing ball and reinforcing commands learnt in puppy training classes. Our daily visits provide plenty of attention and can help reduce chewing and bad behaviour due to boredom.
Dog House Sitting in Christchurch and Tuckton

Senior Moments

If you have a senior dog with health or mobility issues, or a dog recovering from illness or injury who is unable to go for walks, we are on hand to provide much needed love and attention. We can give them medication as per your instructions, let them out to relieve themselves and play gentle ball games in the garden. This helps maintain mobility and promote their general wellbeing.

Feeling better? Ready To Explore The Great Outdoors?

Once your puppy has been vaccinated and is ready to explore the great outdoors, we can take them on shorter 30 minute Solo Walks to help them socialise and ensure they get the daily exercise they need. Dogs recovering from an illness, having finished a treatment plan or recuperating after an injury or surgery will also benefit greatly from our 30 minute solo walks. In both cases we can give your pet the one-to-one attention they deserve and gently ease them into an exercise routine to regain and maintain their health and fitness levels.

For more information on our 30 minute Solo Walks click here.


Whatever your routine, we like to keep things the way you and your pet like it

Dog Home Visits Bournemouth, Christchurch
We’re here to look after you and your best friend

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