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Cat Sitting Services and Cat Home Visits

At Furry Little Rascals we provide personalised cat sitting services near Southbourne and Christchurch tailored to the needs of your cat. We can home visit your cat as often as needed, though for most owners this is usually once or twice a day. We feed them, provide fresh water, give them any required medication, groom them, clean out the litter tray and give them plenty of fuss and attention.

Our Cat Sitting Services are the Perfect Alternative to Cattery Boarding

Cats are creatures of habit. They like routine and feel happiest when in their own, familiar surroundings at home.
Our Cat Home Visiting & Cat Sitting Services are perfect for cats who get distressed in cattery environments and owners who value that “personal” touch. Regular text and photo updates give you peace of mind, plus it’s great to know someone is checking on the house while you’re away. Our visits tend to last between 20-30 minutes, depending on the number of cats. We don’t just “feed & go” – but if you require 3 shorter visits/day (e.g. for kittens), please enquire.

For more information or to book a FREE initial consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Whatever your routine, we like to keep things the way you and your cat like it.


Feeding Time. Play Time. Housesitting.

Best Cat Sitting Services Southbourne Provide Loving Pet Care and Home Visits

Food & Water

Depending on the individual needs of your cat, we will visit once or twice a day to give them food and fresh water. If your cat requires medication, just let us know. We can administer as per your requirements.
Loving In Home Pet Sitters Better Than Cattery Boarding

Fuss & Attention

Having cleaned out the litter tray and checked for any “accidents” around the house, we still have time for cuddles and play. If your cat is longhaired, we can carry out any grooming required.
Best Cat Sitting and Home Visit Services in Bournemouth

Little Extras

If you are away from home overnight or for longer periods of time, we will take in the mail, draw the curtains, switch lights on or off, water the plants. It’s all part of the home visiting service!

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We’re here for your best friend when you can’t be.

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